Thursday, May 15, 2014

Just a Myth

I listen to a lot of comedy and science podcasts and sometimes I get a crossover of the two: Nerdist,
You Made it Weird, I love it. The comedian host talks to people for as long as they want to talk. He has some questions he asks everyone, their view of God, what happens when you die and when was the last time you laughed really hard and why. This time he talked to one of my top physicists, the order changes but:
Michio Kaku: always #1, his book Beyond Einstein made me love physics 
Phil Plait: the Bad Astronomer, I read his blog in the mid 90s
Neil deGrasse Tyson: one sexy mofo, could sell you science and make you grateful to pay
Brian Greene: The Elegant Universe, loved it so much
Paul Davies: About Time - how fast does time flow? one second per second.
David Deutch: The Quest for the Quantum Computer. Amazing.
Mike Brown: killed Pluto
Jane Luu: discovered the Kuiper Belt!
Jill Tarter: SETI all the way
... there's a lot -I keep adding to this list.
Ok so Pete Holmes is talking to Brian Greene and he says something that makes me incredibly sad. In 1998 it was discovered that the expansion of the universe is accelerating and one day there won't be any stars. They will be just a myth and beyond that no one will ever know they existed. I know on the evolutionary timescale that's still far away but these things that we gain so much understanding of the universe from will be completely unknown, they will be gone.
Crab Nebula a supernova remnant that was recorded by Chinese astronomers in 1054ace.

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