Monday, January 6, 2014

The Most Human Human

More and more often I've been contacting users to inform them that they have an infected machine and to clean it or they will be disabled from our network. It is almost impossible to send this information in an email that does not sound like a scam so I have to get creative. Lately I've had some success and offer it to you.
You will need to pass the Turing Test.
There is one method that seems to get a response:
  • The subject of the message needs to be specific to the University
  • Introduction and purpose of message.
  • Identifying information: mac address, unid, ticket number.
  • What they need to do now: virus scan, refer to a repair service.
  • What will happen if the computer isn't cleaned
  • Contact information (the most important part)
    • Give no phone numbers or links for more information
    • Tell them to contact the Campus Help Desk for more information.
    • Ask the user to find a contact number from the main Utah website. 
    • Add your name and title (no phone number).
In the interest of fighting phishing attacks you really want to avoid all of the features listed in previous modules: logos, links, threats. 
For more information: The Most Human Human or Mind vs. Machine

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