Monday, October 21, 2013

What's Up With That?


I work for a University and love learning just about anything. Sometimes I have to write up info for my IT job but really want an outlet for the awesomeness I read about, all the freaking time. I have a SlideShare account but come on, Power Point isn't the all-appropriate format for anything I think about after some brain wandering.

I have a lot of old assignments and writing I'm going to post and comment on but throughout will be the new things I'm reading about.

I have an AAS in Physics (MacGyver), a BS in Communication and a M.Ed in Instructional Design and Educational Technology. I also have a decent amount of credits in ASL Linguistics. Lately I've been interested in critical thinking and technology in the area of phishing. This will be a potential Phd program if I can find a good focus within.

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